Dental Probiotics

dental probiotics

Dental probiotics are healthy microorganisms that naturally live in your gut and can be taken as a supplement. They can help reduce a variety of health problems, including bad breath, gingivitis and gum disease.

Probiotic foods and supplements can be found in grocery stores, but they need to be consumed regularly for optimal results. Try adding fermented foods like sauerkraut, yogurt, tempeh, miso and kimchi to your diet or consider an oral probiotic supplement.

Oral probiotics have been shown to reduce the risk of certain types of cancer in the mouth and may also prevent or slow the growth of malignant cells. They also have been shown to improve the condition of people who suffer from chronic gum disease or have a history of thrush.

Dental probiotics can be taken as lozenges, milk or in a chewable form. They are generally safe to use and will have little to no side effects.

Dental Probiotics: How They Can Improve Oral Health and Freshen Your Breath

Unlike most over-the-counter dental products that focus on masking the odor or trying to kill the VSCs, probiotics work directly to combat bad breath by promoting the good bacteria in the mouth. Over time, this will keep your oral cavity balanced, reducing the amount of plaque buildup and eliminating bad breath.

Gum Disease and Gingivitis

Research shows that oral probiotics can help reduce the symptoms of gum disease by promoting healthy bacteria in the plaque and tartar on the gums. They can also reduce the inflammatory response in the gums and help maintain bone structure, which can decrease the risk of gum disease or halt its progression.

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