Hayati Pro Ultra 15000 Box Of 10 Review

Hayati Pro Ultra 15000 Box Of 10 with the discerning vaper in mind, Hayati Pro Ultra is a rechargeable disposable e-cigarette that’s packed full of features to deliver a superior flavour-filled vaping experience. Whether you’re searching for the rich and robust notes of tobacco, a zesty burst of fruit or the indulgent sweetness of desserts, the extensive range of 27 flavours has something to delight even the most discerning palates.

Bulk Purchase: Hayati Pro Ultra 15000 Box of 10

With a 1.1ohm mesh coil, the Hayati Pro Ultra vape produces thick and juicy vapor with every puff, ensuring an immersive experience that’s rich in flavour. The eye-catching crystal device is also loaded with a 550mAh battery, giving you long-lasting power and eliminating the need to recharge it throughout the day. Plus, the rotary 180° rotatable switchable mouthpiece gives you the freedom to customise the vaping experience to your exact preferences.

The visual display screen lets you know how much e-liquid is left and what your puff count is, making it easy to monitor your battery life. It’s also crafted with environmentally conscious materials and adheres to strict TPD quality control standards, so you can feel good about vaping with Hayati.

The draw-activated firing mechanism ensures that you can easily vape with minimal effort. Simply inhale gently through the mouthpiece and you’ll be enjoying your favourite flavours in no time. It’s an ideal choice for those looking to upgrade from a tank kit or simply want a hassle-free vaping solution. No maintenance is required, and the rechargeable 550mAh battery keeps you powered for up to 15000 puffs.

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