Soft Play Manufacturer UK

Soft play manufacturer uk is an industry-leading company that specializes in designing and installing indoor soft play equipment, closed-cell structure play areas, and birthday party sets for kids. They can accommodate local, national, and international customers. Their soft play equipment is made to a high-quality standard and can be custom-made for your space and budget.

Indoor soft play is great for toddlers because it encourages them to climb, crawl, and slide, which promotes gross motor development. It also helps them to develop their imagination and spatial awareness. Moreover, soft play structures are also beneficial for older children because they can help them practice their social skills.

Finding Quality Soft Play Manufacturers in the UK: What to Consider

Angus Firth Design is one of the world’s leading providers of state-of-the-art indoor children’s adventure play. They have been creating innovative indoor children’s adventure play areas and attractions for more than 25 years. Their products and services are designed to meet the highest safety standards.

They offer a variety of products that include foam shapes, packaway play equipment, and small structures suited to cafes, nurseries, and garden centers. They also offer inflatable bouncy castles, trampolines of all sizes and colors, and large fantasy worlds that make for the perfect children’s party setting. Their team has extensive experience working with customers from various industries, including schools, trade centers, and leisure facilities.

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