The Weiss Distilling Company is Putting the Finishing Touches on a New Tasting Room

It’s hard to ignore the buzz around the weiss distilling Company’s new location at the former headquarters of Ford Motor Company in Clawson, Michigan. The company will begin production at the end of the year and is planning on opening a second location in the metro Detroit area by the end of next year. In the meantime, the team is putting the finishing touches on a tasting room that will rival the best in the country. That’s not to mention the many other businesses in the neighborhood, which has become a destination in its own right. While the aforementioned company has a history of winning business, the competition has never been stiffer.

Where did this crazy idea come from? What made you decide to open a distillery

While the new tasting room is not yet open to the public, the aforementioned company is putting the finishing touches on a new, albeit bare bones tasting room in a span of two buildings at the corner of the 14 mile and 24-mile roads. This is where the aforementioned company’s signature bourbon and vodka will be made, while the company’s high proof gin and tonics will be tucked away in their more private sanctums.

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