Lawyers Civil – Specialized Attorneys for Non-Criminal Lawsuits

Lawyers civil are specialized attorneys who have been trained to handle non-criminal legal disputes. They may be hired by individuals or businesses to pursue financial compensation in lawsuits involving personal injury, employment law, family law, real estate, business and corporate cases, or other areas of the law not covered by criminal defense lawyers.

What is the highest paid lawyer?

Unlike criminal cases, which must be prosecuted by the state, civil cases are brought by private parties on their own behalf. A successful civil case typically leads to a monetary award to cover damages caused by the actions of another person or company. Civil attorneys can choose to work on a contingency fee basis or charge hourly for their services.

If you or someone you know believes that their rights have been violated by a government agency, or even a private party such as a local business, you should contact an experienced New York City civil attorney immediately. Federal and New York laws protect against infringements of civil rights, including hate crimes, discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, and disability, among other factors.

In addition to litigation, a civil attorney can assist with other matters such as negotiating contracts, drafting legal documents, and filing paperwork. They can also help clients with estate planning and probate law. Most of these legal services are provided out-of-court, but many civil attorneys have extensive experience in litigating and winning court cases as well. The best New York civil lawyers are selected through the Super Lawyers patented selection process and have comprehensive knowledge of the legal laws in their practice area.

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