Combo Sump Pumps Are Not Just For Basements

combo sump pumps

Combo sump pumps are a great way to protect your basement from flooding. These pumps combine two pumps into one. The primary pump is powered by an inverter unit, and the secondary pump is battery-operated. These pumps can protect your basement from flooding far better than a single pump. However, you should not make the mistake of thinking that these pumps are only for basements. It is possible to use combo sump pumps in other areas, too.

Evaluating A Sump Pump’s Quality And Durability

The pump that you choose should have a discharge of about one-quarter inch. A one-third-horsepower pump is fine for most modern homes. One-quarter-horsepower pumps are not uncommon in high-water tables or extremely rainy regions. You may need to purchase a one-horsepower pump if your basement floods frequently. You should also be aware of the warranty.

A combination of both types of pumps is usually the best choice, but it does depend on what your needs are. The Zoeller system is rated for 2,040 GPH and a 10-foot lift. It comes with a backup pump that runs on a 1/3-horsepower battery. This unit also includes an audible warning and a light indicator for emergency use. While some homeowners may be reluctant to pay an extra hundred dollars for a combo sump pump, it may be a good investment if you have water damage.

Many of the features that feature the Blue Angel F33S are great for larger sump basins. Its corrosion-resistant thermoplastic flow diverter makes it an excellent choice for larger sump basins. Liberty Pumps’ 450-series submersible sump pumps are cool-running, and feature a vortex-style impeller. The 457 model uses a 1/2-HP motor and uses a VMF switch.

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