Haitch Convey – Pronunciating H As a Hard Sound

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What are the duties of a conveyancer Victoria?

Aversion to the way people pronounce words seldom has any linguistic rationale; it is usually an excuse to typecast people as socially inferior. It’s clear, however, that pronouncing H as a hard sound rather than an aspirated one is better for letter-sound learning. Young children can recognise the letter H when it makes a distinct sound, and they’re more likely to be able to match it with its correspondence in words like hat, herb and parmesan.

In the past, pronouncing H as a hard sound was considered uncouth. Catullus wrote a catty little poem about Arrius (H’arrius), who overused his Hs to sound intellectual. And when Enid Blyton wrote her classic series about a boarding school, the girls mocked one girl’s father for his uncouth pronunciation of hat.

But what has changed since then to make H a controversial letter? Mostly, it seems to be down to religion. In Australia, it’s been linked with Irish Catholics (the Marist Brothers) although this is probably just anecdotal.

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