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When people hear the term Artificial Intelligence (AI), they often think of self-driving cars, robots like the Roomba or Amazon Echo, ChatGPT or other AI chatbot tools and generative art that creates new images. But, in order to understand the full impact of this technology on our daily lives, it’s important for people to take the time to dive into its core concepts.URL : https://ai-directory.com/

What are 4 types of AI?

One of the most effective ways to approach learning AI is to start with a basic online course. Many companies and universities offer introductory courses and specialized training paths that provide a more in-depth education on specific areas of AI. For example, the University of Helsinki offers a free online course through its OpenLearn platform that provides an in-depth exploration into ethics related to AI.

Other courses dive into the different areas of AI including computer vision, natural language processing, generative art and the use of GPUs to process heavy computing tasks required by AI applications. Each area of AI requires a specific set of skills that should be gained through a combination of coursework and hands-on projects.

Some of these skill sets include a strong foundation in mathematics, the ability to program and a deep understanding of data structures. It’s also beneficial to know a programming language such as Python, which is a widely-used programming language in AI due to its user-friendly syntax and plethora of libraries and tools available for it.

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