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Our Birdy Berry is full of top-notch bedding, tablecloths and linen accessories for those who appreciate quality. We carry 100% European flax linen finished with thoughtful details. It’s soft from the very first wash and gets even softer with every use. Linen is also naturally breathable, so it keeps you cool and dry in summer and warm on chilly nights. It’s more durable than cotton and works well with most duvet covers. And linen is hypoallergenic, lint-free and antibacterial, making it the ideal choice for people with sensitive skin.

Linen Bliss: Your Destination for Quality Online

Linen is a sustainable natural fiber that comes from the flax plant and has been used for at least 6,000 years. It’s known for its breathability and comfort in clothing and bedding, and it’s now found throughout the home as a functional and attractive fabric.

It’s durable, absorbent, wrinkle-resistant and beautiful on its own or paired with other fabrics. Today, linen is used for more or less all household textiles: towels that feel good in the hand and look gorgeous with their natural crumples, linen curtains, linen napkins and linen tablecloths.

Linen is a natural material that can be harvested without any chemicals or fertilizers, so it’s eco-friendly and sustainable. It’s also much easier to work with than synthetic materials like polyester and nylon. And unlike cotton, it doesn’t require any fabric softeners. Wash and care for your linen properly, and it will stay supple and comfortable for years.

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