Mega Patches by Mad Vikings

Mega Patches

Acne patches are a safe and convenient treatment for blemishes. They act as a protective seal to keep out dirt and germs, and they absorb excess wound fluids to promote the healing process. They also help you resist the temptation to pop or pick at your pimples, which can lead to permanent scarring and inflammation.Source

Unlike other cold patch products that stay in place solely by weight, MEGA PATCH(tm) actually becomes part of the asphalt when it cures. Once cured, it is stronger than the surrounding asphalt and can hold up in traffic and weather conditions that would normally destroy a conventional cold patch.

Patch Couture: Mega Patches in High-End Fashion

MEGA PATCH(tm) can be mad in black, gray or tan and will not fade. The color is determined by the stone aggregates used to make it. MEGA PATCH(tm) can also be made in a variety of thicknesses to match existing roadway surfaces.

These patches are sew on and can be applied to any garment, bag or other item that accepts a sticker. Made from durable materials that will hold up in harsh environments, these patches will be a great addition to any Mad Viking fan’s gear.

This collection features hand-collaged patches created using surplus fabrics. The patches are sewn on to pre-owned sweatshirts and tracksuits that have been cut down to size, making them an eco-friendly alternative to new clothing. This is a limited edition run of 10 patches. Each patch features a unique design.

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