Mount Pleasant Attorney

mount pleasant attorney

Located in Christ Church Parish, mount pleasant attorney is a community in the Lowcountry of South Carolina that serves as a historic summer resort and the home of the oldest town in Charleston County. The town was founded in 1837, and was originally a merger of the villages of Greenwich and Mount Pleasant.

Generally, mount pleasant attorney | McGrath Law Firm represents the Town of Mount Pleasant and its departments in day-to-day legal matters including municipal court trials and civil and criminal litigation. He also advises the town’s mayor and council members on all legal issues affecting the town.

Clients from all over the state of South Carolina hire mount pleasant attorney to handle their personal injury cases such as automobile accidents, bicycle and pedestrian crashes, nursing home negligence and wrongful death. The attorneys at mount pleasant attorney provide personal attention to their clients and work hard to ensure that they receive the maximum amount of compensation for their injuries.

Protecting Your Rights: What a Mount Pleasant Employment Attorney Can Do for You

The lawyers at mount pleasant attorney have experience handling all kinds of cases ranging from serious car accidents to complex workers’ compensation claims. The firm has attorneys who specialize in all types of personal injury and workers’ compensation law, as well as a variety of other practice areas.


The firm will take your case to trial if possible, where a jury of 12 jurors will hear and resolve the matter. This type of trial takes months to a year and is typically the only option available in many types of personal injury and workers’ compensation cases.

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