Headphones That Monitor Your Brain Activity


If you’re a productivity fiend, you’ve likely heard of a pair of headphones that monitor your brain headphones and can automatically level up your thinking gear. They’re a lot like the health-monitoring earbuds you already wear: They can tell you when your wits are flagging, send you a reminder to take a break and even switch to a song that’s more conducive to mental focus.

Optimizing Brain Health with Headphones

These brain-reading headphones look like regular ‘buds, and they’re built from the ground up for high-performance audio. But hidden inside the ear cushions are 16 soft EEG sensors that detect electrical signals in your brain, and a connected app translates those signals into insights on your performance. The headset will, for example, note that you focus best when listening to certain playlists and recommend queuing them up right before a big deadline. It might also let you know that you tend to lose concentration about an hour before lunch and suggest you eat earlier.

While these earbuds are still in the testing phase, they have a lot of potential. They’re a remarkable fusion of style and technology. And the sound quality is exceptional, making them a great choice for anyone who prioritizes cutting-edge tech and superior audio.

Despite a rocky start, the company’s latest prototype seems to be a step in the right direction. When Gesell tested the earbuds, he found that they tracked brain activity and sweat lactate just as accurately as commercial devices designed for fitness tracking. However, he still wasn’t convinced that the headset was ready to be sold to consumers.

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